The Task Group for the Extension of the Continental Shelf (EMEPC) has carried out a number of oceanographic campaigns, and boasts a considerable variety of important data and samples for the scientific areas of Marine Sciences, Hydrography, Geology, Geophysics, Geochemistry and Biology.

Subject to authorised request, over the years the EMEPC has provided a large amount of data to people and external entities, at home and abroad. The data and samples shared by the EMEPC may only be used for explicitly authorised purposes.

Taking into account the need to safeguard interests related to the mission and objectives of the EMEPC, which have a high value and importance for the Portuguese State, the terms and conditions under which the data or samples may be transferred and used are regulated under a liability commitment that must be signed by the applicant.

Some of the data held by the EMEPC are not eligible for sharing, as a result of which the EMEPC reserves the right not to authorise the transfer of data.


If you would like to request the transfer of EMEPC data, you must download the file “Liability commitment”, complete it, sign it and return it to

Liability commitment - Request for data English version


Until february, 17 2020, EMEPC accepted 230 data requests.

From the total amount of 230 data requested to EMEPC, it stands out around 82% of request has national origin and around 18% foreign origin. The foreign origin are predominantly from Europe (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Norway, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Switzerland), but also from Brazil and United States of America.

The EMEPC has samples and data related to the fields of Biology, Geology, Oceanography, Imaging, Bathymetry, etc. resulting from its oceanographic campaigns.

Furthermore, it stands out that the most requests are related to Biology (around 32%), followed by Outreach (22%) Hidrography (17%), Geology (9%), Geophysic (6%) Oceanography (6%), Technology (3%) and combined requests from various disciplines (6%).


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